SURESH CHAUDHARY The present world is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution. In this techno-ecosystem, different types of jobs, which we haven’t imagined and do not exist today, will be available in the near future. The present scenario places challenges on all the educators to produce a generation capable ofRead More →

(Originally Published in TEACH Magazine November/December 2018) By Adam Stone As a digital learning specialist for the 55,000-student Plano Independent School District in Texas, Clara Alaniz is excited to bring podcasts into the classroom. “After listening to the story, children will be asked to draw a picture of the charactersRead More →

The 4Cs of 21st century skills – Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication – aren’t going anywhere.  They are a critical component to student success in a rapidly changing workforce and society.  Luckily, these are easily woven into any quality STEAM lesson. This is where the active engagement really starts to shineRead More →

The pathway to STEAM is exciting, but can also be dangerous without an understanding of what STEAM truly means in both its intention and its implementation.  Like its STEM predecessor, STEAM can stop short of its best manifestation without several core components: STEAM is an integrated approach to learning which requiresRead More →

The STEM to STEAM movement has been taking root over the past several years and is surging forward as a positive mode of action to truly meet the needs of a 21st century economy.  STEM alone misses several key components that many employers, educators, and parents have voiced as criticalRead More →

STEAM Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Why is STEAM Education Important? For far too long in education, we’ve been working with the presumption of teaching to ensure our students getRead More →